Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter to everyone and praise be to our Lord who sent his Son to save us.  I'll make my official Easter post tomorrow, but this post is really for yesterday.

We're in T-Ball prep mode.  Our first practice will be on Thursday, and we were told to get glove, bat, helmet, pants and socks for our first game on Saturday.  Anna Belle really wanted a pink helmet and bat; I had to distract her with shoes to get her out of this section.

We came home and drew a baseball diamond in the driveway to start teaching Brady the basics.  I'm certainly glad we did.  It took awhile, but he knows to go to first and to look to the 3rd base coach to stop or keep running.  Brady's really excited about this new adventure.

Taylor's car has 2 screens.  He went in for a free oil change and they updated the software, so he could install a "wallpaper" behind the clock... what will they think of next...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pretty Post

Brady took the photo above with my phone, last season.  I love walking out each day and watching the season spring into bloom.  I went to my acupuncturist / Chinese herbalist (Kathy).  Eastern and Western medicine are SO different, and I'm an Eastern girl.  Long story short, I hope to be able to show my face sometime next week.

That's all for now.  I hope everyone had a Good Friday : )

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gross Post

I'm afraid this post is going to be all about me.  If you're looking for sweet, funny, cute stories and pictures about the kids, please stop reading.

I have a terrible horrible blemish on my chin.  It probably started 3 - 4 weeks ago, and it just keeps growing, and growing, and growing, like a very ugly Energizer bunny.  I started out treating it with Pro-Activ, then high doses of Lysine and vitamin C, benzalkonium chloride, washing 3 times a day with Hibiclens (pre-surgery super cleaner)...  still it just kept getting worse.  I should have seen my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) gal a few weeks ago, but now I break down and go to a GP because I feel like this mess needs to be tested for strep / staph.  

The physician's assistant is afraid to mess with this infection and ends up not getting any of the good stuff.  The test comes out clean.  She prescribed an oral and topical anti-biotic.  Two days later <today> my face is worse than ever, and I'm desperate for help.  I told the doctor about how my mom's student had something similar and he went on IV antibiotics for 4 days to clear it up.  Due to the aforementioned, I wanted the doctor to know that I have help with the kids over the weekend, so now is a good time for me to "take it to the next level."

He gives me another anti-biotic and tells me to come back on Monday.  He continues to tell me that he'll probably end up referring me to a dermatologist.  He might as well of said, "Duh, I dunno wut that is, but it looks bad.  Da big insurance man toe'd me not to send patients to da hospital."  From the moment he walked into the room, he never looked at my eyes.  I would have even been happy if he checked out my rack.  Alas, he stared at my boo-boo with an utterly disgusted look on his face.  It made me want to cry.

In the last 12 years, I've been to a dermatologist twice.  Both times, they shot something into my blemish and I'm left with a big pot hole on my face right next to my zit (the ONLY two pot holes on my face are from dermatologists).  I do not hold dermatologists in high regard.

I have a huge bandaid to cover up this monstrosity.  It tingles, itches and hurts.  I have a huge cocktail of pills to take, one of which I choked on and scratched my throat.  The doctor has taken my money and left me with little confidence.  Here's my chin for now.  I have plenty pictures of what lies below, but trust me, you don't want to see it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Taylor and I went back and forth a lot before finally deciding that the suburbs would be best for us, while the kids are growing up.  I feel a little nostalgic every time I drive in town with the better restaurants, better store managers (Targets, Home Depots, etc. are better in town - but that's another post), everything is closer, public areas are better landscaped, more trees, etc.

The primary reasons we moved?  

1.  My family lives out here.  My neighborhood is zoned to my mom's high school, my sister is 4 minutes down the street, and my aunt lives in our neighborhood.

2.  Living in town would mean a more expensive and smaller home, and we would need to pay for private school.  I recently learned that Sampson Elementary (our neighborhood elementary school) ranked as the 13th highest rated public school in all of Texas.  With 4084 elementary schools, that puts Sampson in the top 0.3%!!!  Click here for my source.  I'm always grateful when God affirms that we made the right decision.  

Yesterday we went to Grammy's house to help clean out the garage (my mom knows how I love to throw stuff away and organize).  She gave the kids these cute little buckets for Easter, which they LOVED.  

Maybe this is only cute to a mother, but whenever we get home and Brady goes potty, Anna Belle strips off her diaper and sits on her potty to be with him.  Brady was a little embarrassed, and rightfully so.

Making regular blog posts made me realize that Brady almost exclusively wears his Superman and Batman shirts (he wears the 4T and 5T in each shirt).  We bought him a few Aggie tee's when we went to the baseball game and then Old Navy tee's last week.  I'm afraid they're a bit large; 5 in boys is significantly bigger than a 5T.  In any case, hopefully this will help us branch out a bit.

You must be begging for an end to this post, but I'm not done blabbing yet.... sorry.

On the day that Little League T-Ball registration ended, I realized it was time to sign up (and Brady's old enough to be eligible).  I got on the wait list to see what would happen, and last night we got a call - we're on a team with all the other late folks!  Our first game is the Saturday after Easter.  

My mom went with me to a doctor to check out the terrible, horrible blemish on my chin.  They sent a culture in to see what kind of infection it is (they think it's strep or staph), but for now, I'm taking an oral and topical anti-biotic.  Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.  I've never been so insecure about my acne.  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interview with Brady

Interview with Anna Belle

I know this is a long video.  I'm becoming increasingly random with my posts, as I try to keep up with the posting daily.  I'm currently uploading a video I took of Brady; the comparison between the two will make you laugh.  Brady cannot sit still!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Where has my baby gone?

The first year of life, kids seem to change weekly.  Somewhere along the way, this turns into developmental lulls followed by huge and surprising leaps.  Brady provided a few of those this weekend.  

When we talk about body parts with the kids (usually in the bath), the kids point to their nipples, which we call nipples.  I've avoided talking about breasts, because it's easier to just say everyone has nipples.  Taylor was dressing Brady after a bath and Brady pointed to his nipples and Taylor's, and proceeded to tell Taylor that Mommy has big giant nipples.  I overheard this and quickly got out of sight, so I could chuckle.  Taylor handled the conversation with grace and talked about how mommies need "big nipples" to nurse babies... well done, honey!  Brady also pointed out Taylor's underarm hair, which Taylor explained gracefully.

On a less embarrassing note, Brady will periodically bring up how there was a fire at our old town home complex.  We've advanced this conversation to discuss smoke detectors in each bedroom, in public places, explaining what to do when you hear a smoke alarm, finding exit signs in public places, noting that fire trucks come when there's smoke, etc.

We were watching something on TV that showed someone smoking.  Brady asked what the smoking stick was (probably as a follow up to our smoke alarm conversations), and we suddenly found ourselves in a conversation about how smoking is bad for you.  Brady replied, "Yeah, it's only for daddies."  We had to explain even Daddy doesn't smoke.  I'm guessing he gathered this because there are a lot of things that he can't do, but Daddy can (use the grill, power tools, saws, alcohol, etc).

When I was ready for bed last night, Brady and Taylor were in our room watching Star Wars Episode I.  Taylor was sleeping; Brady was wide awake.  I told Brady he would have to go to bed when the movie ended.  Taylor began to quietly snore, and Brady started waving his hand in front of his nose, holding his nose shut (as if Taylor was passing gas), giggling, and whispering, "Who did it?  I think it was Daddy!"  He giggled so hard, he could hardly catch his breath.

My how things change quickly...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Showboat Drive In Movie

Last night, we took our first trip to the local Drive-In movie theater to see Oz, The Great and Powerful. It was really a great movie, though long for the kids.  They kept hopping from the Sequoia (with Taylor) to cuddling with me on the quilt we laid out behind the car.  They became increasingly restless, until I put Anna Belle in her carseat.  She happily buckled in, held my hand and quickly fell asleep.

Prior to the show, we ate a little picnic dinner and pushed the kids on the swings.  Grammy and Megan came too : )
I have no idea what Brady's doing here, but it made me laugh.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Play Group Egg Hunt

Our church's play group hosted story time, a craft and an Easter egg hunt at the Lone Star College Library this morning.  The leader sang active songs with the kids before each book, so they could "shake their wiggles out" before listening to the story.  It worked really well!  Anna Belle danced along while Brady laid down and drove his car.  

You can see Anna Belle's little craft in her basket.  The kids glued tissue paper squares on a cross (like stained glass) and put on a sticker that says, "He is Risen!"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


After gymnastics, we packed up the Jeep for a picnic at the park.  I had every intention of bringing extra bread for the ducks, but left it at home.
 The spare battery storage worked well for our little cooler / lunch box.  The Jeep ran out of battery as we were pulling up our driveway at the end of our lunch... cuttin' it close!
 Brady when he doesn't expect the picture.
 Brady posing for the picture.  I don't think he realizes how goofy this looks.

Brady diligently collected pine cones.
 Handsome little guy enjoying the shade, the breeze, and his second banana.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We have been busy, busy, busy!  Yesterday was a much needed day of catch up, and today will be about stamina (Taylor has an HOA meeting to attend tonight for work).  Making regular blog posts makes me more nostalgic about how quickly the kids are growing and thus our lives are changing.  It's hard to imagine adding Cub Scouts, little league and cheerleading to the mix (each with weekly and weekend commitments).

I love these quiet little moments where I can jump on the trampoline with Anna Belle and take pictures of her sweet face and all the static in her hair.  

Soon after this, we went to Brett and Allison's to celebrate Jeffrey's birthday.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blue Bell Park

 Yesterday, we took our first trip to Blue Bell Park (AKA Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park, because we can't let go of old names / traditions at A&M).  Brady was okay about having his picture taken, as long as he got to snap a photo of us himself.  As Brady gets taller, hopefully he'll think I grew out of my 6 chins.
 Anna Belle's been a little low on Aggie gear.  I've been able to get by with using Brady's old jersey's, but he peeled the lettering off of the 2T jersey.  After the game we got Anna Belle a little Aggie dress.  She's wearing green for St. Patty's day.
 I'm lovin' Brady's smiles!  I know this would be expected of an agricultural school, but that is some nice grass.
 Clearly the general admission hill's grass does not get the same sort of attention.  The kids loved rolling down again and again.  They enjoyed this so much, it saved us from buying lots of ice cream or going to the jungle gym (which also has a nice view of the field).

 Anna Belle really adores Brady, and looks to him for what to do.  I can't tell you how many pictures I have wear she's looking at him instead of the camera.  I think it goes without saying, they really enjoyed their trip to Aggieland.
 A few good Ag's stopped and asked if we'd like to get a family picture... um, heck yes!  It's SO hard to get good family pictures!  I'm really tickled that this one turned out so well.  I have tons of great pictures of each of the kids, but we simply don't get as many shots with the 4 of us.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rodeo Houston

Yesterday, we went to the Rodeo.  We spent most of the day in the Arena watching the sheepdog trials.  I had planned to do a lot of the AgVenture stuff, but the lines were long, the attractions were overcrowded and the kids enjoyed hanging out in the arena.  It was actually a really nice place to sit and eat our lunch (and it was close to real restrooms - not a fan of the porta-potties outside) 

 I hate to jinx it, but Brady seems to be over his aversion to taking pictures.  He has the most beautiful eyes...
We went to visit the handlers and their dogs.

 Once we got into the Stadium, we realized this was the last night of the actual Rodeo.  It was cool to see the best of the best in each division and watch the prizes being awarded.  The kids both enjoyed all 3 hours of it.
 Anna Belle loves to peel things.  Give her a straw wrapper or crayons wrapped in paper, and she's occupied for an unusually long time.  Here she is with her straw.
 Right before Luke Bryan came out, there were a lot of fireworks.  Brady was a little intimidated and sunk back into his phone games.  Anna Belle watched the fireworks in awe and danced like I've never seen before when the music started to play.  God certainly made them different.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Luke Bryan at Rodeo Houston

We spent the day at the rodeo today.  I'm generally not one to laugh hysterically, but my sides were hurting with laughter as Anna Belle danced, clapped and waved her arms at the Luke Bryan concert.

Galveston Part II

After we cleaned the sand off of ourselves, we drove over to the Harbor side area (near the Strand).  We hopped on a dolphin tour boat.  As soon as the boat pulled into the harbor, and out of the small marina, we saw 3 or 4 dolphins!  I had no idea there were dolphins that close by!
 As Brady frequently reminds me, "Grammy loves her grandchildren."  They were both restless at first, but ended up sitting with Grammy for most of the tour.
The sea gulls and dolphins following the shrimp boat.

 After the boat tour, we paused for a short celebration over none of us feeling sea sick.  We then proceeded to Fisherman's Wharf, where we got to sit outside and look at the Tall Ship Elissa.
I've avoided being in front of the camera lately (the butt pictures were from several weeks ago).  I have been on ProActiv for almost 10 years, and my acne has successfully defeated it.  I wash my face twice a day, using a 3 step process, and the zits still find a way to rear their ugly heads.  To make matters worse, Anna Belle's in a phase wear she obsesses over boo-boos.  She has a few minor scratches on her feet, which she talks about all the time and asks for bandaids.  Anna Belle came to give me a kiss this morning and stops to point out all the boo-boos on my face.  As Eeyore would say, "Thanks for noticin'."

Friday, March 15, 2013

Galveston Beach

My parents are staying in Galveston for a few nights, so Megan and I drove down with the kids early Thursday morning.  When we arrived, a family was feeding Saltines to the seagulls.  Brady loved to chase the flock.  You could toss the crackers into the air and the birds would catch them; I was quite intrigued.

  Pappaw helped the kids make a sand castle, which the kids enjoyed knocking down.

 Brady didn't want to let go of his shorts.  We played in the water just a little bit; it was pretty cold.  Anna Belle played along, but I could tell she was a little bit afraid of the water.  
 Brady wasn't afraid of the water... not even a little bit.  I feel like the photo below best depicts his personality.
 From far away, it was almost hard to see Brady above the hole.  
 Before it gets too hot, I need to take the kids out to the beach again.  This early morning trip was awesome because it wasn't too hot, too sunny or too crowded.