Wednesday, September 10, 2014

iPhone says...

I remember being pregnant and someone warning me about how quickly time flies and how they miss the weight of their babies asleep on their shoulder.  During gymnastics today, I sat next to an old high school friend who has an infant and I reminisced on what things I should be holding onto now.  This is it - I don't know how long Brady will hold my hand when we walk home.  I don't know how long he'll want me to wait at the bus stop for him, but I want to savor the moments while I have them.

Taylor and I found this little gadget at Home Depot, for $5, to hold all of our cords.  It's really helped prevent the rats' nest of charging cords that used to clutter the floor, because that mess can hide behind the dresser.

On our second attempt at guided drawing practice, we drew huskies.  Brady's dog has the best personality.  Anna Belle's looked a little better before she colored it in, but she's still doing really, really well for her age.

I've been working on the kid's rooms a bit lately.  In June, Anna Belle got this day bed, which has been in France with Pappaw.  We had to get a dust ruffle, and we moved a few pictures in her room.  She loves her room, but she still sleeps in Brady's room most nights (sometimes both kids sleep in Anna Belle's room).

Sarah, my cousin, got a piece of "Back to the Future" artwork for Brady.  The white part of the print glows in the dark.  He's pretty proud of it.  I also (finally) got a bookshelf for the top bunk, which I hung by myself, using power tools, which is a proud first for me.  It's a big improvement over Anna Belle sleeping on top of all her books at night.  I love that she calls the Star Wars pillow "hers".

Taylor's parent's moved into their new house on Sunday.  Anna Belle loved sitting outside, during the pouring rain, reading her American Girl catalog.  Somehow, I felt her little personality blossoming in that moment.

On Saturday, Taylor and I drove up to College Station for the football game.  We parked near his old house, so we passed St. Mary's on our walk to the stadium.  I think this is my first picture of the little garden where Taylor proposed to me.

I'm quite certain my old dorm's days are numbered, but I'm happy to see "d*** good David Gary" is still in use.

We went to the MSC Student Programming Office's pre-game reception.  We found this great patio with upholstered chairs and planted ourselves (with the Dachs) for at least an hour.

We had a great view of the Corps marching in.

We also sat in the new seats on the south side of the stadium.  The new screen looked great.

This little chick is working on 100 piece puzzles.  I'm still helping her a little bit, by grouping similar pieces together.  With that said, she's doing the puzzle herself.

Brady with his best girl, Julia.  They went to preschool together last year, and now they ride the bus and play together at recess.  It warms my heart : )

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Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week of School

On the second day of school, Brady didn't get off the bus.  I felt pretty deeply worried, so I asked the bus driver where Brady was.  I got on the bus, which appeared to be completely empty.  She got a really worried look, and then Brady poked his head between the seats and said, "Hi mom!"  I guess he didn't see me from the window, so he assumed he should stay on the bus.  Fortunately, he's the last stop in the afternoon, so he easily heard our conversation.

Here's a picture of Brady with Ms. Melissa.  She loves him.  

Julia was in Brady's bridge program last year, and now they wait at the bus stop together.

On Thursday, the Dach's came over for the game.  Anna Belle had fun helping Andrew with our clock puzzle.