Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I lured you in with beautiful family pictures, and now I'm going to share the dirty.  If you gross out easily, or don't want to see my gross face, don't watch the video.  I saved you from a huge row of hard to ignore, full resolution pics by consolidating everything into a slideshow.

Back in February '13, I began having serious acne problems.  To track my largest zit ever, I decided to start taking pictures.  It got worse and worse.  In this post from June, I began my 6 month Accutane journey and promised to send pictures when I was all better.  Emotionally, I feel far more prepared to share because I have regular skin on my chin again.  I still have a lot of scarring, but hopefully that will dissipate with time and treatment.

Even with all my make up tricks, kids in the grocery store and church would still comment as I walked by.  I felt totally obligated to address the elephant in the room while talking to adults.  They would normally explode with relief when I brought it up, because they had wanted to ask me without hurting my feelings.  No one hurt my feeling about it, but I was really upset by my face.  I don't have super high expectations for my appearances, but I always want to look sanitary.  Dear God, please help me to always look sanitary. Amen.

P.S. After publishing a slideshow for the first time, I realized that Mac automatically added music.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ranch Weekend

Joanne's visit was 2 weeks ago.  Last week, Parker came over one day after school.  I took the boys to the park to feed ducks and let off some steam.  They were wired!

I already posted these pics on Facebook, but here they are again.

Brett has enormous energy for playing with kids.  Somehow I didn't realize that this photo shoot is an homage to Uncle Brett.  This one was taken at Texas Hill Country Olive Company.  The kids were having a blast and then were suddenly very somber when we asked them to take a picture.

This is where the photo quantity gets ridiculous, but I love it.

This was supposed to be a tough picture.  Look at Anna Belle.

This might be my favorite pic in the bunch.

Brett nailed a styrofoam cup to the fence to use as a target.  This was VERY wise, because the night prior, Brady accidentally shattered a windshield with the BB Gun (whilst under close supervision).  We think it richocheted off of something.  Life goes on...

Carpet Cleaning

Joanne and the kids said their farewells and we were started this year's first spring cleaning chore… getting the carpets cleaned.  The kids LOVED playing in the living room with no furniture.

Joanne's Visit - Part II

I love Christmas.  I decorate right after Halloween.  I finish most of my gift purchases and wrapping before Thanksgiving.  I do everything I can to make sure that I can focus on The Christ in Christmas, and not all the hubbub.  With that said, by the end of Joanne's visit, it felt like the 35th day of Christmas.  We are SO wildly blessed to have so much family.  I LOVE when our out of town family comes to visit (McClintick, Cox, Bacot, Combs).  When these families come into town, I want to spend every moment with them doing fun things (like go to the Children's museum).  With that said, when it's done, this mama is tired.

Enough complaining… Here's Ms. Tricia learning the ropes at HEB.

Have I mentioned that this little girl is the best shopper ever?

Aren't they cute?!

This little ambulance is cool.

School has made Brady SO much more aware of himself, and I'm afraid it's made him a little weird at times.  Here's his first try at posing for a picture.
 If I ask Brady to giggle for me, he gives me a really awesome natural smile… and I love it!

Anna Belle had no idea I was at the "Vet Clinic" with her.  The little Doc McStuffins in her was hard at work.

Anna Belle joined as one of the chefs, with a white coat.


Joanne's Visit - Part I

Joanne, Taylor's older sister, and 3 of her little ones came to visit.  When they arrived, the whole family came over for dinner at our house.  On day 2, almost everyone got haircuts.  Anna Belle really wanted one, but we compromised (because I always cut her hair myself) and settled for a professional hairstyle.  She was quite proud.

I really tried to get a cute picture of the boys prior to their baptism.  I didn't get the perfect shot, but here's what we ended up with.

…more to come.