Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Christmas Post

What a fun Christmas?!  Grandma and Grandpa gave Brady this speed boat.  It is REALLY fast!  You can see it almost leaping out of the water.  I think we may take it to a community pond today; I'm sure the ducks will love it.

We put away all of our Christmas decorations yesterday.  Before I could throw away the gingerbread houses, I had to take one more picture.  The first one we made at Grandma's house (and the trees at Grammy's house) and the second one the kids made with Brett and Allison.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I'm really too tired to comment, but we had a very lovely Christmas Eve with the Bacot family.

 To anyone who tries to take a picture with my kids, I'm sorry for repeatedly yelling at my kids, "Look at the camera! Look up!  How many fingers?"  Mama's tired of these shots...  Ann looks cute : )

All Aboard, the Polar Express!

 The moms and the "littles" rode in the Bacot car and the dads and the "bigs" rode in the Dennis car.  We stopped at Torchy's Tacos in College Station for lunch, then continued the 3 hour drive to Palestine, TX.  They had a small playground right in front of our parking spaces.  I was SO glad the kids had a time / space to stretch their legs.

 Anna Belle's yelling, "All aboard! the Polar Express!"

 The betrothed children...

 Reaching the North Pole...

 Seriously... can you say wedding slide show?
 Copeland spotted Santa
 Santa handing out bells for each of the kids