Monday, November 18, 2013

Laughter of our Lives

I've been bad about toting a camera around, so I use my phone pretty much exclusively.  With that said, I haven't been as diligent about capturing each event in our lives (like I used to be).  On Friday we went to Outback to celebrate Pops' (75th) and Luke's (6th) birthdays.  Anna Belle happily sat in Brianna's lap while they chatted; it was quite cute.

We went to the Purple Elephant Gallery where our neighbor has an art studio.  It's an enchanting little collection of studios, a patio and even a petting zoo.  It's a shame it's not exactly open to the public.  Here are a few pics from our visit.

Our neighbor, Shirley, mostly does bronze work, but she's an amazing painter and photographer too.  Here's a link to her website: Sculptor Scarpetta

On Sunday we got an itch to do a few home improvements.  Taylor installed new carriage door hardware on the garage, I trimmed vines (we have more than the photo shows), and we both power washed the driveway.  I could have spent 12 hours power washing; it makes such an enormous difference!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

I've only made 3 blog posts since August!  What's gotten into me?!  The dog ate it.  My medication has made me tired and delusional.  I'm lazy.  I'm busy.  My camera broke (kind of).  I was on vacation.  Blah, blah, blah...  It just hasn't been a priority, but here's my attempt to make up for lost time.  In typical fashion for my blog, I'll give you photos in no particular order.

Brady was not overly eager to take pictures, but he LOVES playing with his BB gun at the ranch. 

Cowgirls and Lace, a cute boutique in Dripping Springs, had a Santa Clause.  Anna Belle happily took a candy cane and said she would sit on his lap, and then cried.

On our way home, we went to SoCo (South Congress, in Austin).  There's a cool pizza place called Home Slice.  We sat at the bar, watched the pizza making process, and the kids got to play with fresh pizza dough.

This week, Brady's school hosted donuts with Dad and Granddad.  I dressed Brady cute and then forgot to take off the goofy Spiderman hoody <irritated, but I know I'm the only one who cares>.

Anna Belle on the hammock at the ranch.

We bought this orange tree in the spring, and our oranges are ripe for picking!  This is one of two planters not on the irrigation system, so Brady has hand watered this orange tree all season.  He's really proud of the oranges, though he's not particularly eager to eat them.  Maybe it's time to pull out the juicer.

 Though the rain tried to keep us away, we went to the Hockley Oil Ranch with Brady's class.

Have I mentioned that Brady's class has 10 boys and 0 girls?  It makes Anna Belle really stick out in the pic below.

 Halloween in our 'hood.  It's fun to think about how the kids will grow and change with our annual Halloween pictures.

...and we're randomly back to Oil Ranch pics.  Brady and the boy on the right (Samuel) chased the goats in the petting zoo area.  PETA - please note that they were reprimanded.  Since then, Samuel and Brady call themselves goat hunters.

I was planning on Anna Belle being Lady Bug Girl, but Aunt Becky brought over a stack of dress up clothes that Brianna's outgrown.  Anna Belle was insistent on being Tinker Belle.

We are totally head over heels in love with our Children's Museum membership.  With that said, we haven't made it out much, since Brady started school.  Well, for the past few weeks, we've made a weekly trip of it.  Right after I pick Brady up from school, we head out.  It's not crowded because the bus loads of field trippers leave around 2:00 PM.  We stay until they're about ready to close, and then we meet Taylor in town for dinner.  

I really miss trying new restaurants in town.  I've been to the BRC (Big Rooster Club), but this was a first for the rest of the family.  Last week, we went to Empire Cafe, which is popular and central, but we just hadn't ever been.  

I <3 HEB.

Taylor and I went on one of his bi-annual business trips.  This one was to Banff.  The photo below was in Johnston Canyon and the second one is in front of Lake Louise.  The hotel, the sites, the time away and the company were amazing!

 My little Anna Baby putting her baby on her shoulders.  I love that she loves her little baby doll.

I think this was a random Saturday.  We packed a lunch in the "Jeep" and headed to the pond.  

I only have 2 more weeks on Accutane.  I pretty much have every single symptom in the book (a long list), and I'm beyond ready to put this chapter behind me.