Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday Boys

On Saturday, Jeffrey, Brett and Allison watched the kids for us.  We went to see Wolverine, ate Taylor's birthday cake at Allison's and then went to a steak dinner with Taylor's parents.  With Taylor and Brady's birthday so close to one another, it's nice to have just grown up time to celebrate.

Yesterday, we met the Bowers at Menchie's to have an early celebration of Brady's birthday.  They will be in Chicago the weekend that we celebrate his birthday.

Brady got a set of airplanes, which he LOVES!  Thank you Bowers family!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Post Trip Stress Disorder

So, I've been bad about getting back into the blog thing.  Call it summer time laziness, blame my Accutane or Post Trip Stress Disorder (PTSD).  We had such a good time on our trip, and then my cousin and her hubby (Kelly and Anthony) came into town for the week, and I'm prepping to teach vacation bible school next week.  Mostly, I'm happy to wear my pajamas all day, never shower, and let my kids watch TV endlessly... mom of the year...

Well, here's my catching up on my blog, because I can do that without exerting physical energy (now that I collected my camera and the cord).

It may look like Anna Belle's pouting in the photo below, but she's really sleeping.  She wouldn't respond to us at all... totally out.  Grilled cheese after playing in the pool at Heidelberg obviously wore her out.

We tried the burgers and chili at Pheonix Saloon for the first time.  It was a cool venue with good burgers.  A senior citizens club had dance lessons while we ate, which was pretty fun.

Another first for our time in New Braunfels, we went to the snake farm.  We managed to not get any pictures of the snakes, but they had a little petting zoo outside.

Jeffrey spent about half the week with us in New Braunfels.  The kids adore him and I loved having his help with the kids.  I got to read the Inferno by Dan Brown (writer of the Da Vinci Code), which was really a treat.

I didn't take many pictures of our week with Kelly and Anthony, but here's a few from yesterday.  We went to see the tall ship Elissa, on Pier 22, near Galveston's Strand.  This photo was taken from the Elissa museum with the ship in the background.  As you can see, the ship was undergoing a major renovation.  Expert carpenters worked around us while we toured.  Watching the framing go up for the canopy and all the furniture assembly impressed me.  I look forward to seeing the finished product on a later trip.

I. love. this. pic.

While I've been a sloth, Taylor made grape jelly from the grapes we grew on the vine on our fence in our backyard.  We decided it has enough sugar that it can't be bad.  It needs to sit at room temperature for 24 hours, and then it can be refrigerated.  Maybe we'll try it out tomorrow night with cheese and crackers.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ranch Part II

After approximately 4 continuous weeks on vacation (minus 3 days at home, between trips), we are home.  Phew!  Here are a few pictures from the second half of our trip to the Ranch.  Grilled cheese and fruit picnic by the campfire at sunset.

The sad part of this photo is the large dead tree in the center of the photo.  Taylor and I got married under this tree seven years ago, and this year, the big bad oak wilt got the best of it.  I love the photo below because despite the dead tree, it's a beautiful photo of how life moves on and the good Lord provides even more beautiful, precious moments.  

Brady LOVED the campfire and stayed outside with Grandma and Grandad well after dark, after everyone else went inside.  He really wanted to sleep on the bench next to the fire all night long.  The stars were beautiful.  I love to see his love for nature. 

Down by the creek...

Before departing, we all went to lunch together at the Gruene River Grill.  I love these hard plastic couches.

 Grandma, Grandpa and 6 children... seems so familiar...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hill Country Time

Daniel, Tricia, Sammy and Maddy are in town from Tennessee, just in time for us to go to the ranch together for the long weekend.  We've been tree cutting and burning, burning sparklers, shooting guns, reading, eating, cleaning, painting, playing down by the creek, and taken a few road trips to local swimming holes.

I'm bad about getting large family pictures, like this, but they're always my favorite.