Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten!!!

 We were running a little bit late.  I think we'll wake up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow.  

We brushed our teeth before breakfast, so he's still wearing a little cinnamon roll on his teeth and face... Didn't notice it at the time.

In the blink of an eye, Brady's bus arrived, and he hopped on without looking back.

We had been practicing saying his bus number, so he squealed for joy when he saw the number.  In the photo where he's looking off to the right, he had just spotted HIS bus.

My sweet neighbor rode her bike to school, so she could watch the kids coming off the bus.

Brady and Julia were in pre-school together at St. John's.

My sweet guy at his new table.

Here's Brady and his new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Zambrano.  Briellen, on the right, was also in Brady's preschool last year.

Brady forgot to give his bus driver the giant sticker on his shirt, so he had to go back.  Mrs. Bus Driver (I need to learn her name soon) loves him already.

After taking Brady to school, I realized I didn't pull out my "first day of school" sign.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aggie Reunion

 Hopefully, this is our first annual trip to Heidelberg Lodges with our Aggie friends.  On Thursday we went to Brady's 'Meet the Teacher', then promptly drove to New Braunfels.  It's sort of an awkward weekend to have everyone together, but it was remarkably and pleasantly uncrowded.  

Our gaggle of kids.

The Flanigan family

Another group picture

The hill country hasn't had much rain in the last few months, so the river was really mirky.  One of the staff members told us it's the worst he's seen since 1956.  It wasn't always pleasant for swimming, but the fish were still pretty active in the morning.

Anna Belle liked collecting rocks from the river.

The Rathke Family

Anna Belle was eager to jump off the big rock.  Apparently she turned her head over Taylor's shoulder as they made the leap together.  She was quite proud of herself.

Brady really enjoyed playing with his SeaDoo.

The Dach Family

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Girl and her Dog (and Baby)

School's about to start.  My first born will start kindergarten on Monday, and this mama's going through some anxiety.  One of my biggest problems was that our bus hadn't been assigned, and I wasn't 100% confident we would have the option of riding the bus.  Brady has been LONGING for the day he could ride a bus, but for the longest time, I've told him he'll have to wait until he's in 6th grade (because our area didn't have bus service for elementary).  Well, the economy has improved and the bus service is back!  Brady will know a few other kindergarteners on his bus too.  This is seriously a huge relief.  

He also has Mrs. Zambrano as his teacher.  Last year, Brady as at St. John's.  There were 11 kids in his class and 15 kids in Mrs. Westbrook's bridge class.  The two classes intermingled a lot for recess, music, art, library, chapel, etc.  THREE of the kids (they're part of a quintuplet) will be in Mrs. Zambrano's class and another girl from Mrs. Westbrook's class will be at his bus stop.

Despite all my efforts to get a good shot of Brady, I ended up with a few more pics of Anna Belle.  The whole family loves on Daisy a little more, right after she's been to the groomer.  For everyone's sake, I should really take her more frequently.  Also, Anna Belle has been wearing a lot of off-season clothes, so that she and baby can match all the time.  I love that she loves her baby.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Table Rock Lake

The forecast was 70 - 72 degrees with a slight chance of rain.  Taylor and I convinced ourselves that it would be too cold to swim in the lake, but the water was 82 degrees!  Steve and Emily brought our swimsuits, about 3 hours in.  We only had an hour to tube, but we had a lot of fun with our family all day.  While everyone else swam, we fished on the other side of the boat.  

Our boat had a top deck, where we could sit, as long as the boat wasn't moving.

I don't think either of the boys had watched anyone tube before, so they were really tickled to watch Anthony behind the boat.

Dan may think computers are his calling, but based on this smile and enthusiasm behind the wheel of a boat, I think he was born to be Captain Dan.

We didn't put a hook on Anna Belle's fishing pole, which allowed both the kids to practice casting the line.  Brady showed remarkable improvement, until he threw Anna Belle's pole in the lake.

I was really, really impressed with how well both of the kids tubed.  Brady was screaming for us to go faster.  You can see how we actually caught some air.

Anna Belle's shoulders were lower than her tummy, in order to allow her to grab the handles.  Her little head bobbed all over the place, but she loved it.