Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Playing with my Canon

I have a pretty nice camera, thanks to my dear husband.  I really enjoy taking pictures, and my cameras and skills have slowly improved over the years.  With that said, I rarely possess the focus to actually learn how to use my camera.  I started following a photo blog, which is inspiring.  I've really wanted to take more every-day sort of shots of our family, doing what we do.  I feel like the vacations and special moments are captured, but I fear I will forget the things that happen every day.

Here's my girl watching her iPad, with her double jointed Bacot thumb.

... Anna Belle's SO accustomed to me begging for a smile, that she's a little confused with why I'm quietly clicking away.  I got a lot of funny faces.

The blogger's challenge du jour was to chop off their head.  I have a tendency to always crop my photos the same way, but I need to branch out more.  I love this sweet, super-close-up.

Brady comes home from school every day, totally out of breath and giggling.  For over a month now, the girls chase him home.  In this case, they stole his bag too.  

I asked for a picture, with everyone still out of breath from running.

Here's our happy bus stop crew: Cameron, Brady, Sarah, Samantha (or Samantha, Sarah), Victoria and Hannah. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015


I didn't bring my laptop to Disney, so we had TONS of photos to work with when we got home.  Rather than doing my normal periodic blog posts, followed by a Shutterfly album, I went straight for the album.  I can't believe I filled a whole book with our trip, but I'll always be glad to have the pictures and stories.