Sunday, March 29, 2015

More every day moments...

I really want to capture the super simple things that happen daily, because that's what our lives are really made up of.  It doesn't necessarily show our best side, but it's real and it feels like motherhood to me.  Sadly, these are the days that I will struggle to remember.  Slowly, the way we do normal things evolve, and I forget how much has changed over time.

These two will watch the same iPad, even though they have their own and even though they have a huge TV available to them, with all the same shows.  They always have their hands around their mouths, noses, eyes, lips... anywhere around their face.

The Bowers got Anna Belle a Frozen themed karaoke machine.  She dressed up in her crown and PJ's and came to sing to us in bed.

"Don't wet them in, don't wet them see..."

"Wet it gooooo"

Anna Belle normally uses her "l" sounds correctly, but not when she sings "Let it go."

This poor guy and his big, beautiful eyes have been struggling with allergies this season.

Brady doing his running jump into bed.  I wish I had a better shot.

My sleeping angels, in the morning...

Daisy licks Brady's legs every day, on his way out of the bath.

Brushing our teeth with their perpetually spotted mirror.  Brady once showed me how he likes to fling water on the mirror, and then move in front of the spots, as if the spots are on his face.  That's when I gave up.

At this point, I had to set the camera down to dry Brady's hair, get breakfast ready and get my boy to the bus stop.

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